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Intelligent Partnerships, Inc. recognizes Kevin Espinoza as part of an Inclusive workforce on the Washington State Convention Center Addition Project.

Kevin is a Rigger with Operating Engineers Local 302 working for Garco. Eleven years ago, Kevin came to Seattle from El Salvador. He became familiar with forklifts when he went to work in a warehouse after high school. He then became a certified forklift driver and became more interested in different trades while working at Greater Seattle Concrete.

After a few years of getting more experience on work sites, Kevin set a goal to become a Rigger. Leveraging his forklift experience, Kevin joined Local 302. He has now been a Rigger for 9 months and is proud that his first Union Job is the Convention Center. Kevin's new goal is to become a Crane Operator and will be taking his test in September. Kevin takes great pride in being a Latino in the Operating Engineers Union. He is eager to show his friends and family that you can set goals and reach them if you work hard.

Thank you for all your hard work, Kevin!

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Chris McClain




Intelligent Partnerships, Inc. would like to recognize Chris McClain as an excellent labor partner on the Washington State Convention Center Addition



Chris is always available to support Intelligent Partnerships by providing clarity with the Local 86 issues that arise on the project site. Chris enables great communication between Intelligent Partnerships, Local 86, the General Contractor, and the Contractors. Chris has visited the Convention Center project site on multiple occasions to speak with Local 86 Ironworkers during every work shift and is very aware of all that is going on with his members on the Convention Center Project.

Thank You Chris!

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