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Strategic Planning is about designing programs that integrate business, government, community, and labor perspectives for mutual benefit. After jointly designing the appropriate scope, we use an integration model to unlock underutilized assets and work around existing silos. In order to generate a cohesive business environment that fosters growth on all levels, we work to create purposeful alignment.

The big picture result is healthy, productive interdependence and multi-layered growth. The snapshot is energized Employee engagement.


Expanding your workforce policies and diversity is a living, breathing process that transforms change management into measurable action.

We use a system-wide approach to position our clients to excel in their industry and optimally engage their target audience and attract and retain the best talent. Through our partnerships, we strive for alignment between groups in order to save time and energy for everyone involved.


We work with our Private Sector clients to evaluate their organizations and better position them to: 

  1. Expand Market Share

  2. Capture Revenue

  3. Move into New Sectors

  4. Introduce New Models/Products or Services

  5. Preserve Capital, Market Percentage, or Clients

  6. Adopt New Technology

  7. Expand Workforce or Supplier Pool

  8. Data Design and Information Sharing


Our partners in Government will benefit from our insight into their organizational goals and purpose. One of our main focuses when working with Government entities is taxpayer savings for local, state, and national levels. We provide guidelines on Best Practices by helping Government organizations through:


  1. Policy Design for Future Impact

  2. Creating Efficiency

  3. Increasing Participation

  4. Expanding Service

  5. Engaging Stakeholders

  6. Providing Communication Tools

  7. Facilitation

  8. Workforce Design

  9. Public Response Modeling

  10. Data Utilization


We work with Labor to help organizations to increase and improve:

  1. Market Capture

  2. Member Engagement

  3. Training Expansion

  4. Communication Design

  5. Initiative Design

  6. Apprenticeship Expansion

  7. Data Capture and Utilization

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