We guide organizations of all types and across industries and help them understand the benefits of workforce engagement and partnership modeling in their policies and practices.


Labor Navigation™ refers to two basic service approaches:


The first involves helping clients learn and understand how to work with organized labor (think interacting with the organization) this includes:

  • Relationship management

  • Understanding the language of labor

  • Strategic approaches to partnerships with labor

  • Mutual-interest bargaining

  • Creating access to senior labor leadership

  • Labor Negotiations (contract, project, or policy)

The second approach is helping the client work with their internal labor force, including:

  • Labor Management relations

  • Policy development

  • Organizational redesign/alignment

  • Internal communication design

A key part of this process involves establishing metrics to measure the quality and success of your efforts, so you can expand service and increase sales.

Benefits of our Labor Navigation™ services include:

  • Expanded business opportunities

  • Improved and quality delivery that is measurable

  • True insight on employee satisfaction, client service commitment, and retention