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Owner, President, & COO

Mrs. Villao has an extensive background in key stakeholder management, strategic market capture, and value-oriented partnership design. Her work is widely recognized for its collaborative outcome-focused modeling by industry leaders. Along with over 20 years of experience in building and managing teams, Mrs. Villao also has decades of experience in the Oil and Energy business sector. Mrs. Villao brings a unique perspective and approach to team building and utilizes various strategies for collaborative team analysis, identifying strengths, and implementing a customized training structure to build a strong foundation for team growth that will result in maximum profitability.

Mrs. Villao has a passion for strengthening families and their bonds. As a member of the National Genealogical Society (NGS), she works toward helping families and family-run businesses trace their heritage in order to deepen the historical fabric of the American Story. She also serves as an advisor to US Family Resources, where she helps provide food and clothing to American families in need of assistance, and she works with Pastoral Families and Missionaries to serve families around the world.


Chief Executive Officer

With decades of experience in policy development, Mr. Villao has had proven success in innovative supplier-access design and training. An agent of change and value-oriented problem solver, Mr. Villao excels in working closely with stakeholders to drive positive organizational change. He specializes in implementing an innovative and accessible workforce design that transforms businesses and adds value to all aspects of organizations. Mr. Villao constantly works toward the pursuit of fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace, creating a productive and healthy environment for all. As the former Deputy Administrator for the United States Federal Office of Apprenticeship, Mr. Villao is one of the country's foremost experts on how to implement apprenticeship programs into companies and sectors to meet evolving industry needs.

Daniel Villao is the author of the acclaimed Beyond Green Jobs, which addresses a systems approach to diversity and inclusion in the construction sector in a future world defined by climate change.

Mr. Villao also serves as the Chairman of the National Board of Directors for the Association of Latino Professional for America (ALPFA).

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Special Assistant to the COO

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PLA Administrator/

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Certified Payroll Specialist

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Business Manager

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Executive Assistant

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Communications Lead

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