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Unique Windows into Marketing in the New COVID-19 World

This week, we witnessed a unique view into our new reality. As our political process ramps up for a national election, we witness a new, unprecedented approach to communication and public interaction. Politics aside, it was a real view into the importance of repositioning long-established business practices to reach your clients in a new way and inspire engagement. The DNC’s approach to their National Convention was to incorporate, where possible, new ways to share ideas through pre-built video, live streaming of support testimonials, and remote video engagement for those that endorse them. The week included pre-recorded musical artists and culminated with a “drive-In” rally at a convention center in the Democratic nominee's home state, where people viewed the live acceptance and support speeches on a big screen and post-event watched fireworks from their cars.

This new reality made them rethink how to engage clients, how to gain endorsement from key partnerships, and how to promote their “business” via social media. Especially interesting to me was the conversion of the traditional town hall into a video call with the candidates on multiple screens and the cheering sections made up of multiple living rooms across the country. The convention also blended traditional business standards like the use of conventional media, radio, and earned media to give a sense of normalization. I was fascinated to see that, despite a global pandemic and so much social unrest and related challenges, the idea of addressing client needs never strayed.

As we look forward to the coming week when the RNC will hold their convention, with the incumbent as their presumptive nominee, I wonder what unique elements they will weave in as they try to deliver their message to the masses. It’s an important opportunity to see two divergent--and often conflicting--business approaches on full display. We all anticipate social distancing norms will be acknowledged but very likely will look different and perhaps be de-prioritized next week. As the RNC tries to solidify their client base and define the competitive market place, you will see their business practices and priorities and get a glimpse of how they will translate their competitor's position as well as share their value proposition--all critically important displays of how to get your message out to your defined client base and create interest in the broader market place.

This will be an opportunity for you to glean key understandings of the contrast in communication connected to style, market awareness, client reviews, brand power, buying power, and value propositions. It is a tremendous lesson in defining who your target audience is, how to create magnifiers and brand ambassadors, and generate market position. Regardless of your views, the communication and strategic approach class is in full session, and we would encourage you to take a discerning look at how organizations position, how they talk to their existing clients, and how they market to generate broader buy-in. It is an opportunity to gain insight on the value of effective story telling first hand, through supporters, and through key messaging that creates ownership and alignment to brand.

Yes, I am geeking out on the way these processes highlight market strategy, as you can also get a direct view into how their support structures interpret and magnify messaging on these organizations; behalf. It is valuable and connects directly to what you can do as you think about how you communicate your value proposition, brand alignment to mission, and determine the types of clients you want to win over. We are watching competing master classes, and it is our opportunity to understand what works – oh yeah, and a steady reminder that every vote matters and elections have consequences.

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