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October 9, 2020

Millions of people in the United States are currently out of work. For those who are seeking employment, Intelligent Partnerships has created a guide to help in that search. We have previously created Resume Guidance. If you are collecting Unemployment benefits, we recommend that you also take advantage of the job search resources that are provided through Federal and state resources to engage in a job search, as well as the American Job Center, which is job finding assistance that is provided through the United States Department of  Labor.



Originally a professional social networking site, LinkedIn has expanded to include job-seeking services. LinkedIn offers the ability to present your professional history, and it allows others to endorse your skills. You can conduct a job search directly on the site, filtering for position and location.

When using LinkedIn, make sure that you spend time to present a professional profile, with a professional photo, in addition to your Resume.

Indeed functions solely a job search and job resource website. claims that it is the Number 1 job site in the world. The site also allows job seekers to read reviews on employers.

Indeed requires that you upload your resume. Make sure that you save your resume as a PDF and upload it in that format. This should be done for any platform that requests that you upload your resume.


CareerBuilder is a job search resource that is similar to The site also provides job resources to help you gain employment, such as career advice and resume tips.


Glassdoor was originally a resource for employees to compare their salaries to others of a similar position at their company and at others. It has since also expanded to a job search resource.



Local Employment Agencies

Local employment agencies, which you can find through a Google search by searching “Employment Agency near me”, can help you in local job searches. They often have partnerships with companies nearby that may not be interested in posting positions on large websites such as Indeed or Glassdoor.

Hit the Pavement

This may look a little different during the coronavirus pandemic, but you can call local businesses and inquire about open positions. If you choose to go this route, make sure that you prepare what you want to say. Consider writing down what you would like to say before calling. Be prepared to email them your resume.

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