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Directions: In groups of 5-6, select one person to represent the CEO of the company. All remaining group members represent employees. Each group is presented with a real-world dilemma and the CEO has just advised the employees to produce the dumbest ideas to tackle the issue. Each employee can put forward a few dumb ideas. When all dumb ideas have been presented, the CEO will select one idea. The team will then use that idea and create a strategy around to realistically solve the problem.

Dumbest Ideas First

Group 1

Your restaurant is experiencing supply chain issues and can’t make the most popular item on the menu.

Group 2

Your company is merging with another company and must address the cultural differences to unite all employees under one company.

Group 3

No one in the company agrees with the direction that the CEO is taking the organization. The team believes it will be detrimental to the company.

Group 4

Although work is getting accomplished, workers are dissatisfied because they are not performing their correct scopes of work, and the office structure is not conducive to assigned roles.

Group 5

An employee lost a hard drive with a project that took three months to complete, and it’s due in three days. No other copies exist.

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